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Local SEO and Google Business Map Promotions are Worthwhile to Small Businesses

Local SEO And Google Business Map Promotions Are Worthwhile To Small Businesses

According to researchers, around 50% of all businesses fail to survive within their first year. The statistics increase to 90% if you bring the factor businesses that operate online only. As the owner of a small business, you may argue that your company is too small, and it’ll remain unaffected by these statistics. However, you have to remember that most of the companies operating online are small businesses. In short, if you don’t utilize the world of the web, then you won’t survive. Here you’ll learn the importance of promoting your company via local SEO strategies and the Google My Business platform.

Importance of Local SEO

  1. Consumers look for local businesses: Internet marketing experts say that more than 95% of all consumers search for local companies on the internet. Due to the increased reliability of search engines, commoners don’t use the Yellow Pages to look for local product and service providers. Even regional hair salons and car repair shops are on the internet.

  2. Consumers don’t go past the second page: Winning the third position in a sports event will bring you a bronze medal. However, it won’t be of any use to you on the internet. Around one-third of Google’s users are curious enough to go past the second page of the search results. With appropriate local SEO tactics, you can find your place on the first page.

  3. Geographic location influences searchers: Search engines always take your company’s location into account whether you like it or not. Since search engines want to provide relevant information to users, they’ll overlook your site if they don’t know where you are. With local SEO, you can disclose your business location and even earn recognition as one of the best in your region.

Importance of Google My Business

  1. It’s cost-effective: Compared to all other marketing strategies, using Google My Business is the most cost-effective option. GMB is the only free business listing platform that you’ll find. The others charge fixed rates monthly or yearly. GMB listing gives potential clients access to vital pieces of information, such as phone number, website, opening and closing hours, and even directions.

  2. Map visibility: By enlisting your business on GMB, you’ll be visible on Google Maps. It’s one of the biggest benefits of having a profile on GMB. These profiles appear in the Local 3-pack area and Google Maps. If you can have your GMB profile appear in Local 3-pack based on search terms, they can tap into potential revenue because your company will be prominent in the results.

  3. Messaging facility: Did you know that Google recently launched a messaging feature for GMB? It lets companies chat with their customers directly as soon as they find the profile on the search results page. With this feature, you can quickly answer questions and assist existing and potential customers.

The bottom line

If you go through the information provided above, then you’ll realize why small businesses need local SEO and Google My Business listings. When these two things combine, the power generated will launch your company to newer heights.